Carousel Worlds
by Kim Dwyer

"She didn’t make friends easily in school, as she was often gloomy and quiet, but her grades were excellent."

After the kidnapping of her brother when she was a child, Cassandra curls inwards, always quiet and distant. Ten years after, and though she lives a comfortable life, she still finds it hard to make friends, socialize, or even just be around people, closing even her parents out. Her closest companion is still her beautiful horse, Jet. That all changes when a new family moves in next door to her family's estate. Enter Raymond, Andrew, and the rest of their siblings. With their presence and friendship, Cassandra begins to break out of her shell. However, unexpected twists change her life forever.

Though it appears to be Cassandra's story at the onset of the novel, the book unravels with a plethora of characters, each of whom is clearly distinguished through their varying personalities. Via the use of an omniscient narrator, the protagonist soon becomes one of the many characters whose thoughts and feelings the reader becomes privy to. About halfway or more through the book, the storyline seems to change entirely with the introduction of other worlds. Being such a short book makes the change in plot sudden and abrupt, and there isn't that much time to fully explore the magic. As a result, a lot becomes told instead of shown. Even so, the root of the story and its individual factors are unique. For those who like quick reads, this just might be the book they are looking for. Dwyer's writing is uncomplicated and easy to follow, making it possible to read the entire book in one sitting.

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