Carthy Family Secret: Book 3 of 4
by K.M.M.

"I am Kathrie Caitlin Mary, the time traveling Kathrie put in place to prevent the destruction of the eleven crystals originally housed here as well as convey through distinct years meetings and messages of Kathrie’s."

The author's book tells the captivating tale of part of the history of the McCarthy family. This third volume in a series of four books is a compilation of seven stories. Each is the account of a member or acquaintance of the McCarty family and features separate chapters and intertwining characters relating to the person in the chapter before. It is told through the visions and time traveling of the original storyteller, Caitlin, a modern-day Kathrie from Jamaica.

The first story, "The Pirate Prince," follows Captain Coffee of the SELENA, his encounter with Marjorie from Port Royal, Jamaica, Marjorie's visions, and her child Aster. Deeper into the book, within the tale entitled "Changes," Caitlin's time-traveling abilities take her between the present day and the time of the American Civil War in Boston. Each of the seven stories is a journey to different parts of the world, meeting the McCarthy family's lineage, and detailing how they are related.

The author does a good job of making readers feel like they are in the room with each new character or family member. The book reads like historical fiction due to the magical powers some characters seem to possess. The author also gives great detail about what the characters are wearing, seeing, and experiencing along their journeys. The stories can be a bit hard to follow along as they jump from one person to the next, but they are exquisitely told. The author has obviously gone to great lengths to find and interpret the family's past and weave it together into a timeline of history.

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