by DC Mallery
Tesselesset Books

"At higher dosages, though, we found it suppresses patient personalities completely. They become shells. Empty vessels."

In a narrative with a slew of concurrent storylines, the idea of quantum entanglement and soul transference steals the show. Probing the deepest recesses of the human mind, the plot is driven by a revolutionary drug, Kyronane, from Ryker Pharmaceuticals, that was initially devised for the Empathy Test, particularly in patients experiencing schizophrenic behaviors. As surreal as it gets, the plot progression will have audiences questioning the make-up of their own identity and understanding of death.

As the star of St. Vincent's Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Jack Temple is adored, but his assistant, Lillian Anderson, is the fan club's unquestionable leader. Whereas Jack's life is the hospital and his beautiful wife, Wendy, Lillian finds herself obsessed with the hidden patterns of a suicidal patient, Cassia. Equipped with a VCR and mired in the throes of guilt for her sister, Lillian's pursuit to decipher the seemingly random words in Cassia's whispers is relentless. An accident, an excruciating choice, and the potentially alarming side effects of Kyronane on a notorious killer pave the way for a cosmic revelation that intertwines every character into a convoluted web of impossibilities.

Mallery's work strikes a seamless balance between psychiatric knowledge appropriate for the layman, a plot that tests the limits of the physical realm, and entirely relatable character motivations. For instance, consider the proposition that if a loved one faced imminent death, yet there was an avenue to save them, what would one not do in such circumstances? Where does one draw the line between humanity and a greater force, between the value of one life and another? An electric storyline, impeccable character development, and thought-provoking implications make Mallery's work a must-read for all audiences.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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