Chasing Death
by James Rozhon
Gotham Books

"Yeah, me, the doctor who said she wasn't a cop was going to start acting like one."

Rozhon relates the story of Evangeline Monica Sixkiller-Collins Collins, who also goes by the name "Doctor Six." She lives in Montana with her husband, Mario, and their children, Travis and Madison. Doctor Six runs a private medical practice. She deeply cares about her patients. Her mother is Congresswoman Melodie Chang of Maine. One day, Melodie calls Doctor Six and breaks the news that their dear friend, Alex Payne, has passed away. Doctor Six is saddened by the news and decides to fly to Portland for the funeral. When she gets there, she realizes that Alex is still alive. He faked his death because of his investigation. He enlists Doctor Six's help to discover the mysterious deadly cancer that is killing kids so quickly, especially footballers. The more Doctor Six investigates this fatal disease, the more dead bodies pile up.

The author establishes a sharp contrast between Doctor Six's words and her actions. Throughout this quest, she keeps saying she is not a cop, yet behaves like one. On the one hand, she needs to find as much information as possible about this mysterious cancer. But on the other hand, she needs to find out who is the mastermind assassinating those who might have the answers to her questions. Rozhon also dives into Doctor Six's emotions when she is confronted with unexpected situations. For instance, when she finds out that her investigation might put the lives of her loved ones in danger, she is confused and frustrated. At this point, she is struggling internally, but Rozhon portrays her as still not losing her focus throughout this journey. Her drive and determination fuel her to accomplish this mission. Readers will appreciate this book because it has so many twists and turns.

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