Child of Sorrow
by Gloria Weinberg

"Daddy said I got myself in this fix and I can get myself out of it."

This novel relates the story of seventeen-year-old Victoria Bayle, also known as Vickie. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, Dick Molino, Vickie realizes she is pregnant. She tells him about the pregnancy, but he is unwilling to step up and even suggests that the baby might not be his. She decides to keep it a secret because she knows how her parents, Frank and Rena, would react. Unfortunately, Rena figures it out and tells her to abort it. Vickie is against the idea and prefers to put up the baby for adoption. Her parents take her to Safe Haven Home for unwed mothers. The plan for Vickie is for her to stay there until she delivers the baby and gives it up for adoption. Throughout this journey, Vickie will navigate the rules of Safe Haven Home while struggling internally about her choices.

Weinberg dives into the protagonist’s internal emotions and psychological state. For instance, when Frank and Rena drop Vickie off at the Safe Haven Home, Vickie can sense that her parents are disappointed in her. Rena can barely make eye contact with Vickie, and it bothers her. She feels uneasy and uncomfortable. On top of that, it is her first time living away from home. Similarly, Vickie is torn about her decision to give away her baby for adoption. She wants to keep it but does not have the financial resources to take care of it. The author gives a realistic and detailed account of Vickie’s internal battles. Her protagonist obviously wants to do the right thing for her child, but at the same time, she knows she cannot keep it. The inner torment Vickie feels is palpable to the reader. Readers will likely appreciate this book because the main character shares her struggles with complete honesty.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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