Child of Stone
by Randy Carlton
Author Reputation Press

"It is written that when light and dark battle, sacrifice and life are at stake."

In the kingdoms of Blutar in the Galaxy of Tazar, an epic battle between light and dark consumes the brave fighters caught in the conflict. Rising up from the wreckage of war is an extraordinary hero who will triumph through faith and courage. Prince Morning Star is the son and heir to King Armon, and he will face insurmountable obstacles and odds from the day of his birth until he is transformed into Stoneknight and equipped with powers and alliances that will help his quest to save his kingdom and his beloved Princess Marsela. He will face dark adversaries, difficult trials and tests, and deep trauma as he comes of age as a mysterious child of living stone. Trapped but alive and able to thrive under the guidance and assistance of many supporters, Prince Morning Star will become the hero and champion his father always believed in with unshakable faith.

Filled with pulsing action and vivid description, this sweeping story immerses readers in a wondrous new world filled with original mythology and offers a powerful rendering of an age-old conflict between light and dark. The battle scenes are expertly written, and the clash of enemies is thrilling and complex as each side strategizes and weaponizes for victory. In this New Realm, the encounters are varied and action-packed as characters train for battle, follow quests, and seek answers. Wonderfully captivating and perfectly paced, this fantasy adventure story is perfect for middle-grade readers and teens. Carlton imagines a sprawling world and inhabits it with interesting characters whose paths readers will want to follow until the last enchanting page.

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