Children Do Come with a Manual
by Elizabeth Len Wai
Author Reputation Press

"Every child is a heritage or gift created by God, preplanned and delivered to us with a body, a spirit, and a free will."

Author Len Wai bases her sensible, sensitive narrative on personal experience and biblical teaching, seeking to banish the myth encapsulated in the old saying, “Children should come with a manual.” In fact, she asserts, there is a manual—the Holy Bible. It teaches that children are God’s creation and His gift. This includes even the scenario of rape, a situation that can still result in a child being wanted and raised with love.

Through Bible study, parents and grandparents learn what to teach their children. Children need to understand such complex concepts as the Trinity, the working of the Holy Spirit, and how caring for others can help make their world a better place. Learning and growing through one’s spiritual education involves free will, a perilous issue that can lead people wrongfully to believe they are in charge. But the best exercise of free will is the choice to love God and obey his commands. For parents who use the Bible as their source of guidance, the reward comes “in seeing your grown children living godly lives.”

Len Wai is a self-described “grandma and great-grandma” who, thankful for her own family, writes for the betterment of all children and their parents, stressing the many gifts Christian believers are heirs to, such as love, faith, healing, and visions. Her book is a brief but heartfelt look at large issues that affect all who have children in their care, demonstrating the Holy Bible’s usefulness in all of life’s difficult and joyful happenings. It could easily serve as a “carry with” volume with salient reminders based on scriptural wisdom for further reference as new situations arise. Len Wai’s clear intent is to draw readers into the circle of religious faith, offering an enlivening focus for Christian-based workshops as well as individual study.

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