"She had learned that by working together as a team, they could accomplish the task at hand even though there were those who felt they were too small to get the job done."

This book for older children looks at the beauty of the Never Summer Mountains, which has been impacted by a summer monsoon that has led to a landslide and broken trees. These have blocked the water source for Shun Village. The Shuns are only six inches tall, live in tree holes, and are friends with Young Miss, who has a cattle ranch, and Sagebrush, the tailless puppy. Clover Leaf is worried about his sick mother and is also in love with Firefly. They work together to remove the debris along with Young Miss’ horse. Along the way, they meet Mr. Hunter Man and The Wooly Man, who have an impact on the trip, especially as Mr. Hunter Man belittles them. After freeing the landslide, they return home, where Clover Leaf asks Firefly to become his partner. They celebrate with a beautiful ceremony, which helps Clover Leaf’s mother to heal.

This cute story contains a variety of stories within the central one. It is nicely written and illustrated. There is a lot of dialogue, making it a longer story than some. However, it is still one that children will undoubtedly enjoy because of the beautiful descriptions, the focus on love and friendship, and the value of teamwork. It also addresses the issue of belittling others, especially by focusing on what someone else thinks cannot be done by others. The story lights up the imaginations of the reader or listener with the story of the Shuns and their magical world while helping one understand the value of differences and connecting to one another no matter the differences. In short, the author has crafted a truly magical, uplifting story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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