Dead Man's Pose
by Susan Rogers and John Roosen

"When Ninel saw Miroslav lying on the floor, he threw a quick punch towards Ric, who in turn kicked him in the left kneecap."

Elaina runs a yoga studio in Sydney, Australia. One morning, one of her regulars, Mario, rushes up to her before class and wants to speak with her. She tells him that they can have a coffee and speak after class. However, as class ends and everyone begins to rise from their last, restful pose, Mario doesn't move. Elaina guesses he has fallen asleep but begins to panic when she can't wake him. Another student, Ric, stays to help Elaina. Mario, however, is dead. Both Elaina and Ric feel that something is off. Elaina believes she owes it to Mario to get to the bottom of his death, and Ric happens to have the resources and connections in the city to help make that happen.

Rogers and Roosen have created a great start to their cozy Yoga Mat Mysteries series. This first book provides a lot of character introduction to Elaina and Ric and teases at a romance between them. The chemistry between the two is well-written and is a great beginning that readers will want to see intensify. Ric's self-defense abilities, rationalism, and resourcefulness make him a good contrast to Elaina's idealism, generosity, and insight. Also, the sense of place in the book is well-established, and the descriptions of the various cafes, eateries, and food choices add savory detail. The book is well-paced and an easy read. Occasionally, a metaphor doesn't work well, and the denouement isn't as satisfying as it could be. However, fans of the genre will happily devour this little mystery.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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