by D. E. Payne

"Jumping straight in front of the shark, I am now face to face with a charging mouth full of teeth."

Dawn Elizabeth has an adventurous life. A photographer with a magic camera that can give her glimpses into the future, she uses her growing powers to help those she sees in trouble on the camera's photos avoid imminent danger. Living in two worlds—the modern one and a magical, medieval kingdom where she is royalty—Dawn and her three husbands, along with a loyal housekeeper and a growing circle of friends, love to travel the world and live the high life. However, their adventures and rapidly expanding family are often confronted by peril. They must make quick decisions and take actions only those with magical abilities can take to keep themselves and others in danger safe.

Payne's novel is book two of a trilogy. She writes with a lot of description and works to paint the reader a picture by including details about the furniture, the gardens, the interior of whatever space the characters are in, and more to illustrate the setting. This book has a lot to offer both as an adventure and romantically. For example, there is someone from the magical realm hunting Dawn, leading to sword fights, magical encounters, and even the appearance of a dragon. The author also details how Dawn fell in love with and makes love to her three husbands and how they make it work. She nudges the erotic a little here but keeps the love scenes fairly tame. The narrative would benefit from some additional editing. Still, readers looking for a beach read who enjoy longer books and spending more time with the characters may want to seek out this volume and others in Payne's trilogy.

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