Denial: The Infinity Series
by Asia L.T.

"True immortality is through memories."

Without death, what is life? This is the overriding question faced by a group of friends caught in a centuries-long quest to conquer death. Sacrifices must be made so that some may live. Those who give birth to multiples must give the youngest to Gehenna in order that those residing in Orbis may eat. To make this departure pain-free, the memories of Orbisians are erased so that their sacrifices do not torture them. But what happens if snippets of memory remain? How does one find true meaning in a world where there is no death, thus negating the precious nature of life? And how will the world react if those who are sacrificed and those who have lost siblings and memories say, "Enough!" and freely choose death over endless life, effectively ending immortality?

In this fascinating, mind-bending fantasy, the author creates a world as intriguing as it is strange. A master at worldbuilding, he has designed two opposing worlds, Orbis and Gehenna, one dependent on the other for survival and both connected through bloodlines. One world exists in oblivion while the other is steeped in cruel reality. The characters are fraught with dual natures and personas, and sometimes the names can be difficult to keep straight. However, the narrative makes this well worth the effort. At the heart of the novel is the thought-provoking question of immortality. Would the ability to live forever be worth it if possible? Other questions that the author deftly weaves into the philosophical bent of the novel deal with humanity's dual nature. Such things as good vs. evil are also addressed. The author even brings in elements of Asian fantasy with the inclusion of dragons as God-like characters. The writing is succinct and poetic with a fascinating plot that delivers a warning: be careful what you wish for.

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