Design Science in the New Paradigm Age
by Herb G. Bennett RA

"We operate on dense vibrational levels that are complements of the finer forces and processes and choose to make things."

Every day, people around the world have dreams, ambitions, and ideas that they believe will elevate them to a new experience, adventure, or lifestyle. However, so much of these ideas go unused, victim to a lack of energy, focus, or self-belief while dealing with every other responsibility and aspect of life. In this book, the author examines what could potentially be the genesis and spark of these creative bursts, how to cultivate and nurture them, and where to find them more frequently. By harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, readers will learn to better understand the languages of each element of life and teach them to work in unison so that those big ideas and ideals come to the surface more naturally and effortlessly, inspiring both others and the self to do great things.

For readers interested in optimizing creative output and holistic studies, this book comes right out of the gate with high concepts and technical details. As a reference work, this book is perfect for reading with note cards or a highlighter to denote and study certain ideas and thoughts that move the reader's thinking forward. With the book's heavy focus on the "rule of threes," readers will learn to see the same patterns and repetitions in every aspect of their lives and leverage those in interesting ways for the benefit of themselves and others. Contained here is the first half of a full course of study that will leave the reader enriched and enthused about applying this knowledge and discovering what doors will open to them as a result, laid out with insightful text and plenty of charts and graphics.

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