Different Essays (They’re Certainly Different)
by Charles Pinwill
Balboa Press

"We are no longer a community of artisans. We produce many consumer products with machines that were built by machines that were previously built by other machines."

When readers enter this series of essays, they enter a carefully curated mosaic, with each piece of the mosaic chosen and placed deliberately. The mosaic begins in an Animal Farm-like manner, where "The animals make a valiant attempt to educate man." In this section, calls for direct democracy rise, and then they echo in the following ones. The mosaic wouldn't be complete without well-researched discussions pertaining to basic incomes provided through national dividends, environmentalism, and the role of social credit in everyday life. Brief and poignant, dry-humored and realistic, these thought-provoking essays challenge readers to think beyond the economics and environments they know and in which they thrive.

Notable essays in this book are "Cognitive Dissonance," "On Life in a Sustainable World," and "Post-Pandemic Poverty." Many of the essays focus on employer-employee relationships, as well as the changing means of production and work, and how rapid changes in the monies backing these systems affect everyone participating in the system. The essays also examine the role of governments, which "have a duty of care to see that the economy operates in a manner commensurate with satisfactory outcomes." Other essays, like "Scurvy Notions," assert that " 'Wrongheadedness' is the chief enemy of human satisfaction—the most tenacious, persistent, and injurious of all things to be feared.'" Thus, the text becomes an analysis of human nature.

Combining past philosophies with contemporary social and economic issues, this book is highly recommended for those looking for a fresh take on the problems facing today's societies. Like Joseph Albert Gorski's 2012: The Weak Economy and How to Deal with It to Empower Citizens, this analytical yet conversational book invites readers into little-heard social commentaries that can have a huge impact on their lives.

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