Drawing Closer to God
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"Remember life is but a vapor, so draw close to Christ and stay."

Poetic works by David are enhanced by verses from holy scripture in these selections that cover a wide variety of spiritual subject matter, from the doubts and fears of even the most faithful, and the blessings promised and delivered by God. A potent example is “Across the Sky,” in which David imagines “thunder in the distance, thunder all around,” and lightning flashing—yet all as a prelude to rain, which comes “to give the earth new birth”—a reminder that even dreaded occurrences manifest to increase one’s understanding that “God is in the plan.” Throughout the book’s 115 poems, this contrast between human illusions and the reality that God and his son Jesus bring is frequently stressed.

Such subjects as Armageddon, the wiles of Satan, and the “slippery slope” to deception are cited, countered by biblical wisdom. This pattern should encourage God’s faithful to avoid complacency and spread God’s word to “those who are sinking in sins deadly sand.” The work closes with the gentle but essential reminder that God is only “A Prayer Away.”

David states in her brief introduction that after having composed poems for much of her life, she was inspired to publish them with the help of a friend who would assign biblical quotations to many of the works included, thus constructing a “tract.” Therefore, it seems clear that in the gathering and arraying of David’s varied expressions, there is an impetus to share with those of like conviction while perhaps inspiring some whose faith has dwindled to renew their connection to God. David writes with a clear enjoyment of sound and sense, rhyme and rhythm, imbued with religious truth and expressing a wish to establish God’s timeless word in the lives of her readers at every juncture.

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