Dreams from Our Fathers
by Dana James
Westbow Press

"God's vision for America was to be a beacon of light of freedom to protect individual rights and dignity."

Author James believes that understanding the essential basis of the founding of the United States will lead to the rejection of socialist and communist principles. He strongly suggests that a return to Judeo-Christian values as envisioned in the nation's founding will greatly improve its operations and image. America's early settlers sincerely believed that they had natural, God-given rights. The Declaration of Independence states those rights, and the Constitution establishes the means to protect them. Since corrupt leaders such as Hitler and Stalin have been able to seize control of governments for personal, destructive gain, James recommends diligently studying the lives of those who established America and returning to the democratic values they espoused. He reminds readers that there were many religious beliefs in the nation's early days, and all were accepted, including the deism of some of its founders. The significant element, which should not be ignored now, is upholding individual rights and opposing collectivism.

James, who has written on these themes previously, thoughtfully expands his vision to include some recent, relevant happenings in America and the world. Such controversial issues as the disharmony created by liberal media with its advocacy of climate change, socialist values, and police defunding are cogently examined. The policies of Presidents Trump and Biden are noted and contrasted. James advocates term limits and the prevention under law of the election of any known socialist or communist. His writing is organized and sincere, carefully propounding a firm belief in stable governance free of socialist leanings. Brief biographies provided of America's early leaders may serve to educate younger readers regarding their strongly held principles. James' work targets both those who agree with him and those who do not and would make a rational starting point for anyone wishing to explore America's ideals in greater depth.

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