Eek! My Ink!
by Raven Howell
Acute By Design

"My fingers glisten forest leaves, / An oak, I’m dancing on the breeze."

In this celebration of color, the natural world, and the self, young readers enter a bright, beautiful world where imperfection leads to new creations: "Eek! the yellow color splatters, / Now a little duckling paddles / Monarch butterflies abound / Where sunflowers sprout from the ground." Ink spills in every imaginable color, and an act that some would perceive as an uncorrectable accident transforms over and over into spouting whales, shadowy landscapes, a mouse's toes, and even a Flamingo King. Wolves and pandas emerge from "drizzled drops of sprinkled gray." Meanwhile, a needed message about the beauty of individualism blossoms and glows like the book's "honey golden shining sun": "Each and every color brings / It's perfect shade of song it sings."

The book's message of "Together it's a brilliant view" reminds young readers about the power of unity and understanding. The vibrant illustrations engage readers immediately, capturing their attention from the first page until the last. While the tiny rhymes accompanying each color tell one story and then work together by the book's end to form a larger, more meaningful narrative, the artwork allows readers to interact with the book and create a different story. The book's focus on nature and the natural elements act as a teaching tool, sharing the wonders of animals, insects, plants, and even landscapes. This book fuses fun with diversity education, making it a great asset for homes, daycares, and classrooms. Overall, this book is a fun read, even for adults, and anyone who appreciates the likes of Eric Carle, Steven Kellogg, and Ruth Krauss will fall in love with it.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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