Emerald Greed
by Brian Ray Brewer
Goldtouch Press

"He stared down into the peaceful green of the long, hexagonal crystal almost perfect in symmetry. It was a magnificent emerald. "

Adventure abounds in this high-octane thriller set in exotic Brazil. From the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the sweltering jungles of the country's vast interior, a man and a woman are entangled in a fight for their lives. From the moment they venture to a legendary emerald mine, they are caught in a web of murder and mayhem instigated by despicable villains bent on the pair's destruction.

Jack is an American gemologist on the hunt for truly exceptional emeralds. His quest leads him into the heart of South America, where he meets Marisa, a Brazilian beauty who is the daughter of the geologist that re-discovered the fabled Borba Mine. Marisa's goal is to find out what happened to her missing parent. Jack's is to locate and come away with some of the world's most fabulous green crystals. Soon, they are both in danger from powerful forces intent on keeping the mine, the gems, and the land itself from any and all interlopers. Marisa is made to endure unspeakable abuse, and Jack is forced to murderous ends to save her. Then a desperate dash for freedom ensues that winds up entangling the highest echelons of government.

Author Brewer is a first-rate storyteller who keeps the action and suspense nonstop. His cinematic descriptions of gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, and more are loaded with energy. His depictions of Brazil's wildlife and its multi-dimensional environment feel vividly real. From the piranhas to the anacondas, his tale is alive with hair-raising jeopardy and startling derring-do. Readers who thrill to engaging plots with plenty of excitement will likely revel in this pulse-pounder.

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