End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship, All Is Well
by David S. Heeren
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"Now that we appear to be within the end-time period, it is important for us also to be watchful."

Focusing on biblical prophecy as parsed through current world events, author Heeren expresses his conviction that we live in an apocalyptic era to be followed by Jesus' return. This will require heightened vigilance, observing signs such as the appearance of a giant comet and other "celestial fireworks." Biblical predictions from the words of Jesus and other, earlier prophetic voices indicate that two-thirds of the world will be destroyed, and the remaining one-third will be saved. But at this point, Christianity is shrinking in the U.S. and elsewhere under the sway of ill-intentioned leftist influences, making it now incumbent on the small number of truly devout followers of Jesus to watch, pray, and encourage conversion. These religious few must also repent of their sins, which may have roots in concepts as seemingly benign as "self-reliance." Ignoring mainstream media and more studious concentration on scripture will underpin this vital exercise.

Award-winning writer Heeren offers many useful resources to readers of his well-structured text. The work of Francis A. Schaeffer, for example, was written in 1976 when it seemed the U.S. was on the brink of capitulating its values and resources to the then-powerful Soviet Union. To Heeren, early 2021 seems another such critical moment. He cites the importance of "keepers of the watch" in biblical times, warning the populace of impending danger. He passionately urges sincere Christians to take a strong stance against evil. Heeren speaks with authority based on his clearly extensive examination of these universally significant issues supported by his journalistic experience of discovering the ways that traditional news sources may utilize deceptive practices. Drawing from the Sermon on the Mount, Heeren encouragingly reminds Christians that those persecuted for their beliefs are blessed. Clearly, his goal is to awaken people of faith and persuade them to adopt a vigilant outlook.

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