Ending Eden: The Pending Fate of Humanity
by Michaelandre McCoy
Author Reputation Press

"'The more we think we know, the more we find we don’t.’, to quote some songwriter."

Embedded within the context of the Anunnaki Council—an aggregation of twelve Earth Pure beings burdened with the fate of humanity— is a slew of creation stories that challenge commonly held beliefs like humanity's evolution from primates and, more astoundingly, that Earth is not the planet of origin for the human species. From Britain and Washington to China and Russia, each of the twelve Earth Pures takes on the name of a nation as they gather at the council.

One of McCoy's central arguments is the premise that primitive man simply could not have had the ability to construct the resoundingly magnificent ancient cities and landmarks like the pyramids that even today's technology cannot replicate. On the contrary, the author cites iconic figures and landmarks throughout history, including but not limited to King Tut, the Kaaba's Black Stone, Mount Olympus, and the larger-than-life Greek heroes Hercules and Achilles, to establish a stark dichotomy between them and primitive cave dwellers.

The intriguing result of McCoy's combination of origin myths and scintillating images featuring Stonehenge, UFO sightings, and more is a serious proposition: what if all of mankind has been conditioned to turn a blind eye to the majesty of our ancestry? What if we truly descend from Celestial Pures, and Judgment Day or the "Second Coming" is their return to deem our worthiness or to simply eradicate the human race? On a direct level, however, the evidence cited within this narrative is thought-provoking. Skeptics and believers alike are likely to have their curiosities piqued. Readers will assuredly probe deeper as they form instant connections with the myriad of cultural phenomena and mysteries regarding humankind's fate in relation to the technological world of the twenty-first century as origin stories are unraveled within these pages.

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