English-Khmer Phrases Medical Dictionary
by Bunleang Kors

"I want to be a small part of helping translate [the] American language to Cambodian..."

This extensive resource is designed to help speakers of the Khmer language translate English words connected specifically to the medical field. The book offers a user-friendly format, but it is not a pocket dictionary that can be used for on-the-go reference. Rather, this is best used as a desk copy for ready reference of the core vocabulary associated with all things medical. With its alphabetical entries, this work provides comprehensive coverage of commonly used medical terms translated from English to Khmer.

From an author who is a medical translator with a commitment to preserve the language of Cambodia, this dictionary is a niche resource for medical professionals or for Cambodian people who want to bring their English understanding to another level. Kors' deep appreciation for language and translation is on display in this extraordinarily full dictionary. Kors acknowledges the value of learning a second language and the usefulness of word collecting when trying to improve vocabulary acquisition. This commitment to language and Cambodia is showcased throughout this translation resource. The common-sense alphabetical organization and pronunciation guide make this dictionary easy to use and look up medical terms in English with their Khmer counterparts.

Kors has moved beyond the average language dictionary by compiling a focused and extensive collection of words to help learners identify, describe, and label medical conditions. Those in need of such a reference work would do well to make space on their desks for this hefty book so they can begin uncovering a treasure trove of words and translations. Language learners, students, and translators could benefit greatly from this unique resource. In-depth and practical, this dictionary is an ideal tool for Khmer speakers looking to enhance their knowledge of English medical terminology.

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