Essential Notes in General Surgery
by Mohammed Othman Almaimani
Trafford Publishing

"This book was designed to be sufficiently used by medical students, general surgery residents and senior general surgeons."

In this culmination of years of research, Almaimani pieces together a meticulously detailed volume of indispensable general surgery notes to aid medical students and surgeons. His goal here is a singular, comprehensive reference guide that is up-to-date and relevant for today's surgical and medical practices. The author's work differs from other medical reference books in that it cuts right to the heart of the matter, providing straightforward, step-by-step instructions and notes of basic human anatomy and pathology. It also assists with physical examinations, management of medical issues, and surgical procedures.

Broken into three sections, Othman dispenses ample facts, figures, and guidance encompassed under each heading and subheading. "Section One" covers "Basic Surgical Principles" with related headings such as "Systemic Response to Injury," "Surgical Infections," and "Trauma." "Section Two," which forms a significant portion of the book, concentrates on the main topic of "General Surgery" and is broken down into subsections such as "General," "Upper GI Tract," and "Endocrine Surgery." Related subheadings include "The Appendix," "Stomach," and "Thyroid Gland." Finally, "Section Three" focuses on subspecialties, with the topics "Pediatric Surgery," "Vascular Surgery," and "Critical Care." At the book's end is an exhaustive list of abbreviations for medical terminology found within these pages.

Almaimani is a general surgeon and pediatric surgery fellow. His requisite background in medicine gives him the extensive knowledge and comprehension to author this book. He offers an ultimate go-to guide that should save time for those long hours of studying and research. His book will primarily appeal to medical students and persons working in the surgery field. However, even those without medical backgrounds can certainly read and learn a great deal from Almaimani's earnest book.

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