Everybody Toots!
by Justine Avery
Suteki Creative

"Everybody Toots. It's true!"

This book begins with the premise that everyone has gas and "toot-toots." Moms, dads, brothers and sisters, cousins and uncles and aunts, and especially "old, old granddads and grannies toot." He toots, she toots, they toot, including (gasp) the school principal. Others, such as rock stars, the prime minister, movie stars, and zookeepers toot also. Tooting happens all day long, including when people sleep, pee, and poop, and also when they sleep. Even animals such as farm animals, bunnies, frogs, snakes, and whales toot. In the air, in the water, and around the world, all have gas and pass that gas in sound and smell.

Avery has come up with a fun premise in this simple but engaging book, which is also a humorous, entertaining, and biologically accurate story. The book is also treating a subject that may be shameful for some, and it is enlightening in its non-judgmental and accepting manner. This amusing story is one for all children to read to understand what is going on in their bodies and help them know that what they are experiencing is a normal bodily function that happens throughout the day and night. The photo of how boys pee differently from girls also normalizes the differences.

The illustrations are well done, making it easy to follow the storyline. However, some may see these as somewhat stereotypical in the gender roles portrayed. For example, in one case, a man is seen going to work in an office. Meanwhile, the next picture is of a woman vacuuming. However, the book does include people of color. Overall, this is an excellent teaching story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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