Exposed: Humanity Craves Power
by Anton D. Morris

"The fact that the strongest slaves survived the transition was indicative of a more aggressive and tenacious genetic structure. Those slaves were said to have warrior’s blood."

Echoes of Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate and Loren Singer's The Parallax View waft through this intriguing tale of a very different kind of presidential candidate and the forces behind him. While the novels mentioned lean more toward conventional thriller aspects, this noteworthy book relies more heavily on intriguing intellectual concepts. Yet, it quickly becomes just as much a page-turner in its ability to immerse readers in its narrative.

Horus is the financial wizard behind a multi-faceted family-run management company. He's also the son of a particularly successful black businessman who belongs to a mysterious secret society. The society believes Horus would be the perfect U. S. president to not only help the country but also to further their own societal plans. As Horus's radically different campaign begins to pull away from more traditional opponents, mysterious forces enlist the aid of an idealistic yet somewhat naive blogger named Apollo to provide information that could eventually upend everything.

Author Morris has created more here than just another political potboiler. His examination of black families' ties to one another, as well as precepts in regard to the entire history of slavery and black achievement in America, challenges readers to think twice about their own deeply held convictions. But this is not a political screed. In fact, it is far from it. Morris deftly interweaves socioeconomic theory with good old-fashioned storytelling and character development to deliver a novel that will keep readers involved to the very end or perhaps even longer. Such is the force and potential staying power of this intriguing work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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