Falling Off Horses: A Memoir
by Karen Donley-Hayes
Milspeak Books

"If you’re going to ride, you’re going to fall."

Karen and Lash meet as teenagers and begin a friendship that shapes them in countless ways as their lives intertwine through youth and into adulthood. Bonded together over their mutual love of horses, Karen and Lash spend hours together riding and competing. When Lash and her husband buy a farm, they convince Karen to buy the adjoining acreage, and their lives continue to thread together until Lash receives a diagnosis that proves fatal. As they share everything in life, they also share the grief and sorrow that comes with death. This moving memoir is a testament to their shared commitment to each other’s lives and to the rewards that come from friendship. This book spans more than twenty years and takes readers through the whirl of adolescence, the solidity of settling down, and the sadness of losing a best friend.

This is a story of friendship but also a story about how a shared love can bind people together. As devoted as Karen and Lash are to each other, they are also devoted to the horses that they train, breed, ride, and love. Their knowledge and experiences with horses are woven into so many of the stories Karen recalls in this lovely account of their friendship. Lash is a vibrant partner to Karen, and she is brought to life and remembered well in this loving portrait that preserves the past. Capturing a range of emotions through joyful milestones and harrowing setbacks, the author’s memoir is about loyalty and devotion and, ultimately, about the need for connection with people who feed our souls.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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