"In God’s infinite wisdom, for mankind to reproduce and be multiplied, there must be male and female in place."

Author and minister Nwaelene has assembled proofs, mainly drawn from the Holy Bible, that family structure should always entail a permanent bond between a man and a woman, designed to provide work and purpose to those individuals and to direct, discipline, and inspire their children. He begins with the story of Adam, who was given his wife, Eve, by God, ordaining that they should be as “one flesh” and “be fruitful and multiply.” However, over time God’s decree regarding marriage, often emphasized plainly and sternly by Jesus, has become blurred with modern conceptions of single parenthood, gay/same-sex marriage, and other distortions. Some deviations are older, even ancient, such as polygamy, but many have arisen in recent times, encompassing general societal depravity, seemingly acceptable sexual immorality, and the influence of the feminist and other movements. The choices one makes, Nwaelene stresses, should involve upholding God’s law and seeking his guidance through repentance and obedience.

Nwaelene was born in Nigeria and observed how that traditional society evolved from one in which disobedience to law and custom was rapidly and thoroughly punished to one in which violent crime began to flourish. Meanwhile, terms like drug peddling and money laundering “were added to our vocabulary.” His vision on the major themes of his book is wide-ranging and studiously considered. He urges his readers to consider the spiritual purpose embedded in the concept of the traditional marriage of a male with a female that is designed to last a lifetime, promoting sound childrearing and greater respect within and outside the family structure. He has helpfully included his poems and a lengthy compendium of sources and endnotes for further comprehension. Nwaelene’s diligently organized book shows him to be a credible example of what he teaches. His outreach through this means can add considerably to Christian workshops focused on this ancient yet timely subject.

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