Farewell to Darwinian Evolution: Exposition of God’s Creation Patent and Seal
by Michael Ebifegha, Ph.D.
Book Savvy International

"Every seal designed by human beings consists of matter. But matter can wear out; it can be tempered with, destroyed or defiled. Only time meets all of the above requirements for a seal on creation."

Initially, this book opens with a discussion of the various studies which have debunked Darwinism. It introduces readers to the idea that, despite humanity’s vast knowledge, humans have no idea about how they came into existence. The book takes a biblical stance regarding creation, and it gives a strong overview of the Judeo-Christian evidence which refutes Darwinism. Carefully organized and well-detailed outlines also help readers navigate the author’s various discussions regarding this often controversial topic. Additionally, readers discover intriguing, philosophical discussions about time and how “time made holy remains intrinsically and perpetually holy.”

The book encourages one to look at the similarities between the Jewish faith and the Christian faith, especially in regard to the concept of creation. God’s influence on everyday concepts such as time and materialism will undoubtedly engage those who take a faith-based approach to everyday life. The focus on how humans are stewards of God’s creation and how time factors into this stewardship will make readers think about how they spend and manage their own time.

With an engaging take on creation that begins with an examination of the fossil record, the author also encourages one to look at how science can endorse God and creationism. In this section, the author carefully dissects how the fossil record contributes to both evolutionary theory and Darwinism, as well as creationism. However, the book asserts how the fossil record supports a “special creation worldview” rather than an evolutionary one. Readers interested in recent studies and current theories that debunk Darwinism will appreciate this book’s careful presentation of scripture and biblical evidence.

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