Father Sky, Mother Earth and Me
by Seana Coughlin
Author Reputation Press

"'We help each other. We work together and we take care of each other. That's what friends do.'"

This sweet children's book regarding spirituality was written in memory of the author's son, who was killed at age seventeen. It teaches about "how we're connected both to the Universe from the day we are born" while examining the story of a boy, Sky, and his connection to the Earth and Sky. Here Sky greets and talks to the sun, spirit animals, a rainbow, his inner voice, the water, the night sky and stars, and the moon. Sky listens to the voices of all of these natural blessings, as well as those of his inner voice. After they greet one another, all of nature discusses the individual value of each one, such as the sun's importance for all living animals, plants, and humans, and for the energy it produces. Following every one of the lessons, Sky thanks the Earth and Sky, illustrating the importance of the interaction between these "friends" who help one another.

Well written with nice illustrations, the story is about the love of nature, its importance, and the connection between it and humanity. It is an educational, spiritual book with only minor religious overtones (i.e., referring to Heaven), making it available to persons of all faiths or those with no religious beliefs. Because of the repetition of each storyline for the individual blessings of nature, it is an excellent book for learning as children respond to repetition as a wonderful retention tool. The illustrations help teach the concept of universal oneness. There are some minor editing issues, but nothing that really distracts from the story. The book is the first in a series, which should please fans of this volume.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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