Fingerprints of God
by Melanie Burgess
WestBow Press

"If God had fingerprints where would they be?"

This religious children’s book explores how God’s fingerprints are a creative force in the world. This is shown through the words and the detailed drawings throughout the story. In the telling of the story, the question quoted above examines the fingerprints in the stars and the moonlit sea, a sunset, bear cubs playing, wild horses in a poppy field, in the mountains, on the wings of eagles, within a starfish or an owl in a tree, in a rainbow, a monkey or a Jesus lizard, or in a coral reef. An additional question asks the reader if they could see “God’s fingerprints in a mirror of you and me?” God is everywhere, and this question engages the reader in seeing themselves as part of creation, for everything is seen as creation.

The book utilizes biblical quotes, and it is written in rhyme. Nicely written with detailed, beautiful drawings, the author’s book shows the importance of God as the creator, as his fingerprints are on everything in this world. The rhymes aid in the storytelling, and the questions asked lead back to everything being about God, including one’s self and that of loved ones. As the book is written from a Christian perspective, its primary audience will likely be those of similar faith. However, due to its quality, it may reach a wider audience. Children will likely engage with the rhymes and the delightful artwork, which can be utilized to show how creation is beautiful and that such beauty surrounds us all. This book is especially recommended for older children.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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