"The aim of this book is to identify the causes of problems in the functioning of the spine, movement organs, joints and deformities of the body..."

A Polish architectural engineer brings his professional expertise and experiences with a “bad back” to bear in this medical handbook exploring the human musculoskeletal system. The book is suitable “not only for medicine, rehabilitation or sports professionals, but also for ordinary people looking for tips on how to stay healthy and fit for many years.” At fifty-five, the author experienced a herniated disc that caused sciatica, shooting pains in the lumbar region of his back. He soon found that the main treatment consisted of prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants. While he pursued the prescribed therapy, he scoured the Internet for more information, finding that modern medicine mostly lacked non-surgical interventions for his condition. Jodlowski found a therapist who treated spinal and motor organ issues with therapeutic exercises that border upon kinesiotherapy.

After preparation with the physical therapist, the author spent months with a rehabilitation trainer who noticed he understood how the exercises worked on various parts of his body better than other clients. Despite his progress, Jodlowski exercised only intermittently, experiencing mixed results. He later began reading about sports training methods that improved his mobility and muscle remodeling but noted contradictions in exercises not consistent with the mechanics of motion and laws of physics.

The result of his discoveries is this impressive book, which morphed from a simple guidebook into a comprehensive reference book. This attractive and well-written volume contains ample illustrations, photos, tables, and lists to support the narrative and substantively defines the terms and processes necessary for the reader’s understanding. There are a few minor translation errors, but these don’t detract from the smooth narrative overall. Jodlowski effectively presents how to protect the spine, joints, and muscular system from injury and degradation through proper walking, running, sitting, bending, and lifting methods.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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