Flying to Breakfast: A New World on the Horizon
by Dori Seider, Ph.D.

"I can’t wait to share with you the ideas that Diane, my flight instructor and I, had on our way to thinking about a rebuilt world of equality, justice, democracy and basic human rights."

A basic look into world issues, the book begins with the author learning how to fly and her relationship with her instructor, who became a friend as they discussed the world around them. The author discovered a diary she kept beginning in the 1980s. This diary is the basis of the book, which was expanded to more recent thoughts. The work is divided into four parts with twenty-three short chapters. The first part, "Learning To Fly," explores lessons in flying and life. The second, "Refueling," examines the new world modern society is facing and her "Declaration of Human Rights," which includes ten rights. "Thoughts in The Air" studies the problems and needs people face daily, such as the right to medical care, housing, education, and equality. The final section is "Staying The Course," where solutions are given for humanity's part in helping to heal the world.

An easy-to-read book, the author's work uses the interesting juxtaposition of learning to fly with learning how to cope with the problems surrounding us, with a small chapter on how to follow through with necessary actions. The Declaration of Human Rights is well done in the way each right is listed and then explored. With their focus on hope, compassion, and justice, the final chapters are valuable reminders for each person to stay within one's own humanity. Many will find Seider's book helpful, especially those on a beginning path at looking at human rights, how to work to help others, and the necessity of everyone to help in such healing.

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