"Most importantly, we must recognize that God has a plan for each of us."

Numerous life events led author Neral to a spiritual stance that he propounds in these recollections. He believes that God wants to get the attention of all his followers, just as he did with Saint Paul, who initially preached against Jesus until God awakened him with a blinding flash of spiritual light. For the author, it took a series of brain tumors to help him fully focus on paying the fullest attention to God. The very word "focus" provided a sudden, mystical clue about how he should get his Christian message across to others. That single word soon became the phrase proclaimed in his book's title. In his devotion to his faith, he was ordained as a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church and has served in that capacity for thirty-five years, using the phrase as a vehicle for communicating with others by means of a small, printed card, with many gratifying results.

Neral includes a bounty of candid, autobiographical materials that have enhanced his spiritual thinking, presented to give readers pondering his message a sense of identification with a fellow Christian who received spiritual guidance from often very simple life circumstances. He clearly recalls and continues to note how God uses him and influences him to live and act in the "NOW," not merely in plans for future actions. His book is short, cogent, and tightly concentrated on the wisdom inherent in its title. In later years, he became attracted to the personal faith of Jesus's mother, Mary, composing a book based on the stations of the cross as seen through her eyes. Through much deep reading and an obvious gift for writing, Neral's inner life has been continually graced, and he sincerely hopes to share his insights, understandings, and blessings with a wide circle of readers.

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