by Monique Gliozzi
Tellwell Talent

"Isabella hummed gently to her brother younger by five minutes, to soothe him and encourage him to hold on until help arrived. Help would come. It had to."

Orphaned as children by an earthquake, Isabella and her twin brother, Marco, are adopted into a wealthy family in California. Since hitting her head during the earthquake, Isabella has been able to see visions, even going so far as to see the spirits of her parents the day they died as they bid her farewell. Disturbed by the strangeness and unbelievability of her foresight, Isabella keeps the tingling feeling and the reason for why she gets her headaches a secret.

However, when they help her discover who killed a new acquaintance of hers, Isabella shifts from pushing her abilities aside to opening up to them. Eventually, she chooses a career in law enforcement by becoming a special agent in the police force. With her continued success because of her foresight, some are bound to challenge her position because of their jealousy.

Written in simple, easy-to-follow language and short chapters, this book is a quick read. There is a wide cast of characters, especially considering the plot extends from Isabella's childhood all the way into adulthood. While the jump in time works out nicely because the events in her childhood play a part in her career as a special agent in the police force, it makes growing attached to the characters difficult. There isn't enough time to really get to know any of them. Even so, the fact that the story is plot-driven does compensate for this somewhat. Overall, this book is a unique offering for mystery fans that can be read in one sitting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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