Forward to the Future
by Hendrik Sven Weiler

"The Age of Imperialism is past—and we are looking to the FUTURE. Ahead—not back."

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on financial markets, employment, healthcare, and the overall way of life worldwide. While many are looking forward to the day where there is enough immunity to get back to normal, others see the results of this global event as a light shining on all of the broken systems and fraudulent promises of government leadership, a call for change and action. The author of this book outlines numerous ways in which the pandemic has laid bare the failures of major governments, particularly in North America and Europe, and designs a path forward that will better serve all people—not just the rich and powerful who benefit greatly from outdated capitalist institutions.

Writing from a global perspective, as a person who has lived in multiple countries and has seen the way of life from various points of view, Weiler does not mince words with the faults he finds in the governments of the major world powers. Depending on the reader's perspective, the actions suggested could either be taken as obvious solutions or harsh medicine. Still, there is no denying the many ways in which people fall through the cracks and find themselves unable to recover under current structures.

Though certainly framed in a topical manner using COVID-19 as a jumping-on point for these discussions, these problems and solutions themselves are not new. The author simply points out that there is no better time than now to redesign and reimagine how government works from the ground up. Though there may be no immediate solace or relief from difficult times, Weiler's insights make it crystal clear that failing to make any changes will almost certainly result in repeated struggles in the long term.

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