From Sand Dunes to Mountain Tops: The Story of Bishop John Victor Samuel
by Shirin Samuel
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"He strongly believed that hard work takes one to great achievements and often opens the door to great success."

Samuel relates the story of her late husband, Bishop John Victor Samuel, in this heartfelt and touching biography. They were happily married for fifty-six years until his passing. They were blessed with four children. The author describes her husband as the “chosen one” because God chose him to serve people. In addition, he was hard-working, patient, and brave. He never gave up, even when confronted with difficult situations. He constantly repeated words of encouragement when he faced obstacles. He knew God would not let him down. He believed that hard work always paid off. He always followed his dreams. He was inspired by a song he would sing as a child. Throughout his life, Samuel achieved his goals through hard work, a positive attitude, dedication, and faith in God.

From the beginning, the author shares her psychological state regarding her relationship with her future husband before they married. She candidly explains how they faced many challenges before getting together and how she felt about it. She reveals how she felt fearful, sad, and frustrated because she was not with the man she loved. The author sharply contrasts her psychological state and her late husband’s psychological state. During the difficult times, she was stressed out while her husband was hopeful that they would eventually reunite. Readers will likely enjoy this biography because it will inspire them to keep going and fight for their life choices. In addition, the book clearly conveys the idea that with God’s help, truly anything is possible.

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