Future Skinny
by Peter Rosch
Art Cult Books

"At some point, five grand more is no longer the difference between life and death."

In this book, readers enter the dark, psychological existence of a complicated man named Casey Banks. Casey is a devoutly anorexic man who is devoted to punishing runs and an even more punishing diet as he pursues his obsession with remaining thin. The storyline follows Casey as he discovers a ghastly talent: the ability to see the future by binge eating. Customers pay high prices for Casey to deliver their futures. As the story progresses, readers discover that Casey ignored an important vision—that of his girlfriend's involvement in a heinous murder. The vision and Casey's ignorance combine and push him toward not only an uncertain future but also the deepest depths of psychological torment imaginable.

This book is reminiscent of psychological thrillers like The Machinist. Its structure transitions between narrative chapters and transcripts of Casey's intimate, confessional interviews with an unidentified interviewer. The interviews grant readers an alternate entrance into not only the book but also Casey's character. The novel's complexity mimics Casey's, adding to the book's psychological elements. The book also addresses a larger societal issue, that of eating disorders. The novel examines the causes of Casey's anorexia. It also explores the psychology behind such conditions and the psychological effects they have not only on those struggling with them but also on those around them. This book is a standout for those seeking a different type of literary horror. It contains all the right elements of suspense, action, and drama. It's a haunting read, one sure to keep readers awake all night.

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