Genesis Brief: The Sin Factor
by Sylvia Richardson
Lettra Press

"So great is God that he had a desire to share it with a covenant people, a people that had his heart, and his mind."

Author Richardson sets forth a dynamic interpretation of holy scripture, concentrating on the book of Genesis and the origin of God's people. The creation begins in water, a purifying element. Earth is soon filled with natural phenomena, including animals and humankind. God lovingly commands all earth's life to flourish. He then creates the first member of his covenant family, Adam, whom Richardson describes as brilliant, asking God intelligent questions and doing his bidding. Next comes Eve as Adam's equal and companion. Then Lucifer, a fallen angel who had warred against God, defies God's work by corrupting his first covenant founders. He succeeds, first by tempting Eve. Adam follows Eve's lead, the author asserts, out of love for her. The couple will have to leave the special garden and learn to work for their survival, losing their immortality. Through their son Seth would come the line that leads to Noah and then to Abraham, establishing God's chosen, covenanted people.

Richardson presents certain viewpoints regarding the book of Genesis that differ from those of many other Bible scholars. For example, she sees within the creation story a clear indication that there were people on earth before the advent of Adam who were initially incorrupt and immortal. After the flood, only the seed of Noah—mortal and God-obeying—would populate the earth. Yet even they were susceptible to sin (the author offers several examples, including Ham's sexuality as evidence), presaging the advent of their savior, God's son, Jesus. Richardson writes clearly, with appeals to readers to understand her words and turn to God's ways, which she believes will solve all problems. Each of her thoughtful points is underpinned by scriptural quotations, and she offers her work, which would provide a rich biblical study, "to all who seek truth."

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