Genesis Understood
by Lance Thomas Wynn
PageTurner Press and Media

"God is the electricity, and the light; the everlasting light and his intelligentsia and memory, have no bounds."

Wynn's book begins with a question that has plagued him since boyhood: How can something come from nothing? According to Wynn, a dream in 2008 brought the answers to him about how God was created and what gravity is. The result is a surprisingly scientific book as much as it is religious. It explores complex concepts and notions with an easy-to-read and approachable narrative. Here, Wynn considers Adam and Eve's first days, the three earth ages, galaxies, genealogies, and regions of significant biblical events. From the start, Wynn sets out to convince readers of the "intelligent designer, architect, and engineer," how the planet came to be, and why humans exist today. The book asks big questions and seeks out the answers. Wynn relies on ample Bible references combined with scientific reasoning to back up his arguments.

However, Wynn explores beyond just Genesis and the beginnings of our nature. With a critical eye, he pieces together a wide range of subject matter to formulate and strengthen his assertions. His book examines the duality of good and evil in humanity. It claims political points and history and contends how these affect us in our modern political society. Some will not agree with everything Wynn writes about here, but he does put forth some intriguing (and sometimes controversial) explanations. There is much to ponder as one reads his thought-provoking book. Primarily, it is a call to action and an invitation to explore one's faith. It is both a deep look at humanity and a search for an understanding of God.

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