Gizzie B. and LiliMae G.: A Special Love Story
by Dr. A. Bergin
URLink Print and Media

"She saw beyond his arthritis, beyond his anxiety."

This simple story about Gizzie B, an Arabian horse, explores his aging with the problems that go along with it. He is sad because he feels alone and unwanted and worries about life. He also struggles with physical pain, and he is so very unhappy.

However, one day a "sweet Irish lady" comes to meet him. and he's so excited for he is being adopted. He gets brought to the Rolling Creek Ranch, which is a beautiful spot. There are also many other four-footed animals there, including a number of dogs, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. He gets his own house and is quite happy for a while. But then he gets sad again, for he is the only horse. His Irish lady then provides him with a companion horse. He is so excited and has so many questions. Her name is LiliMae Goldstein, and he finds that he loves her and that their relationship is the start of something special.

The author's book, which is the beginning of a series, helps children understand sadness and loneliness and the importance of relationships by utilizing animals to teach such issues. The importance of animals is also shown through the narrative. The simplistic artwork is created by a fourteen-year-old and works well with the storyline. Bergin includes several biblical quotes in the book that refer to topics such as green pastures, the importance of a woman coming from a man, and that man is not to be alone. Overall, the author's book is well-written and easy to follow.

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