God Gives You Goosebumps
by Gwendolyn Davis

"I suffer as he has suffered
For he suffered my fate
So I could be with him
In eternity."

With the poem "Rise," Davis sets a tone of unyielding resolve right from the onset while using imagery of rising from ash to depict a rebirth, a metamorphosis, and ultimately redemption. Largely consisting of narrative poetry, the poems are imbued with tenacity and authenticity that form instant connections with the reader. Overall, Davis' poetry is a poignant reflection on her journey to Christ. Though the premise of the compilation is undoubtedly one of hope, the poet rarely holds back in depicting her trials. For example, poems like "Gift" are compelling testaments to the difference walking in faith can make versus a prior life of constant doubt and emotional trauma.

Each poem presents insightful commentary on a particular aspect of humanity's relationship with the Savior. In "Dust to Dust," Davis strikes a note of humility in observing that while we are nothing in and of ourselves, we are still worthy simply because we were created in God's likeness. "Wounds" demonstrates that the path to eradicating fear and doubt is strife with pain. Meanwhile, "Truth" sheds light on a renewed spirit when the individual wears the lens of truth.

Though there is no consistent rhyme scheme, the poetry itself flows seamlessly on the strength of its imagery and well-placed metaphors. For example, "Hope and Faith" portrays fear as a virus injected into our veins, while the final poem, "Battle," culminates with a series of metaphors punctuated by "gauntlets of courage." Like a blossoming flower, the road to Christ is one of patience, and acquiring the armor of God's truth will only come to fruition as an individual's mettle is tested. More than anything else, Davis effectively combines evocative poetry, scripture, and faith-based content to instill in her readers a promise of the same awe and "goosebumps" upon receiving Christ in their lives.

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