God Says Yes 91 Times
by Mary Ardissone

"Praising and thanking God is a crucial part of prayer life."

Author Ardissone presents an enlivening collection of incidents from her personal prayer life in which God answered her requests and/or brought to reality her intuitions about numerous scenarios involving herself or others. Attributing these occurrences to persistent religious faith, she offers guidance for others based on her experiences. Her compilation began when, having been granted what she sought through prayer, she vowed to God to begin to compile specific examples for the benefit of others.

In some cases, her thoughts sprang from her own talents and interests as a graphic artist, such as imagining the word “staples” as an interesting name for an office supply store, seeing the image of a gecko as a mascot for the Geico insurance company, and believing there should be an Olympics for handicapped people supported by one of the Kennedy family. All of these imaginings eventually became realities. Meanwhile, private thoughts that were given positive impetus through prayer included Ardissone’s impulse to apply for a job advertised for men only. She was subsequently hired for the position.

Ardissone is an artist and a home health worker whose life experience has given her proof that zeal for prayer will yield many blessings. Along with her recalled, specific examples, Ardissone shares with readers valuable suggestions for how and when to pray, stressing that God will answer in his own way and that one should pray (intercede) for others as well as ask for oneself. She is careful to point out that while she is certain that God responds in his time and his way, not every request will be granted. However, it is those that are which give impetus to continue to watch, listen and pray. Ardissone’s fascinating personal observations and sage advice can provide a rich focus for discussion and the impetus to explore the thoughtful spiritual methodology she proposes.

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