"I call it improbable non-fiction because it’s the kind of thing that doesn’t happen as often as once in a lifetime."

This collection of short stories about events that occurred in the author's life is informative and entertaining. However, these amazing recorded incidents will likely cause one to consider deeper issues. There is a bit of humor in the sections where the author discovers for himself that God hates pride, which apparently Heeren sees as his personal weakness. Readers will also find intriguing the prayers involved in Sarah Brightman's music CD titled Hymn. The "By The Numbers" chapter considers whether coincidence could be an explanation for such occurrences told within this book, such as receiving the exact amount of needed resources within twenty-four hours of a deadline, the overnight healing of extreme pain without medical treatment, two incidents involving angelic protection, and the accidental early discovery of prostate cancer.

The author also offers up his views regarding God, creation, and the generation of the universe. He briefly addresses both Darwin's and the Big Bang theories. After a lifetime of observing sunsets and stars in the heavens, Heeren concludes that the sun, moon, and stars are God's handiwork. Two of the included stories were first printed in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series books. Responses received from readers likely encouraged him to produce a similar book. The first story tells of developing a faith strong enough to believe the Lord can and will provide for those who put their trust in him. This was the beginning of the author's deeper spiritual walk. Clearly, the author wants to provide proof of God's continued involvement in the affairs of mankind. He hopes that readers will agree for themselves.

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