God, the Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven
by Norman Talsoe
N Talsoe Publishing

"For Christians, the handwriting is already on the wall."

Author Talsoe began this creative work at age eighty-two, based on two strong visionary experiences directly telling him to construct a book with its specific title, receiving the inward message that it would “help evangelize the world.” Realizing from peripheral events that the Almighty clearly inspired this mandate, Talsoe undertook diligent delving into scripture and an understanding, shared by many Christians, of a spiritual timeline. In that frame, God’s work with humanity began six thousand years ago, with a day being one thousand years. The final week (before the seventh, sabbath or resting day) is now upon us, according to the author’s information.

In predicting what form the end times, or apocalypse, will take, Talsoe first explores the evidence of science that supports his thesis. Unlike some of his fellow Christians, Talsoe is convinced that there were humans—Neanderthals—on earth before the time of God’s creation of Adam. He also provides proof of his ideas about the end times as seen in current happenings, from the exploration of space, the Big Bang theory, and the identification of the man he believes to be the Antichrist, who will soon be in a position, he states, to influence events on a global scale.

Taking on such a wide-ranging subject cannot have been easy, and Talsoe worked for some years to finalize his convictions. He examines, for example, the beliefs of atheists concerning how or why a loving God would punish people eternally since, in the last days, there will be a judgment, and some of those remaining on earth will be condemned to hell. In the course of this analysis, Talsoe candidly reveals his own life steps, by which he moved from being someone who simply believed in Jesus and considered himself to be a good person because of that belief to someone whose faith was gradually strengthened to the point of wishing to obey God’s commandments, becoming “born again” and developing true dedication and devotion. Talsoe also provides hard facts, substantiating his understanding of the last days with ancient and recent history, especially surrounding the foundation of Israel and the current international focus on that country’s governance.

Talsoe’s work is remarkable for its well-organized materials, which are obviously the result of serious research, and for the balance given to the individual perspective that he and his readers may share as they consider his theory. Some may see his hypothesis as radical or far-fetched, but his honest adherence to his original, spiritual impetus for writing is undeniable. He has deftly drawn together actual happenings of the twenty-first century with biblical prophecy, presenting their connectivity in the form of an alert to thinking people, whatever their religious beliefs, that “we live in the end times.”

The author helpfully provides extensive biblical quotations, references to other Christian writings, and corroboration from various scientific and topical political sources. His knowledge of geography, anthropology, world history, and international developments adds rich fodder to the subjects presented. Talsoe’s intention is to give all readers the chance to consider his evidence carefully, individually and perhaps in group forums, and act on it through the same faith that formed his basis for offering it to others.

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