God to God
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"To make your heart pure, come and trust in Jesus and your soul will be made pure."

In an emotive collection of works from 2010 to 2020, poet David reaches out to Christians and “those who do not know Him.” The first piece, “Time with God,” expresses her wish that she and all humankind will be drawn to God’s loving care and see his beauty. “Check Your Heart” speaks of secrets. Everyone has them, often deluding themselves with them “for days and weeks and sometimes years.” But Jesus Christ is the embodiment of truth, so one should search one’s heart and place their trust in him.

Many poems examine the contrast between what may appear to be real and what Christ can offer instead. To realize that enduring reality, David advises, “Don’t just stand there lost in sin, search the scriptures, jump in.” Showing her facility with poetic terms and the concepts underpinning them is the work entitled “Lord of Lords,” which stresses four “L” words—the joyful necessity for listening, loving, leading, and longing.

David modestly informs her audience that she has been writing poems for a long time “with the encouragement of my mother.” Her straightforward Christian viewpoint is stirred by appropriately vigorous rhyme and meter. The book’s title presents a significant reminder that when Jesus prayed, as depicted in the Gospels of the New Testament, it was an extraordinary event in which God spoke to God. David is a devout philosopher who is able, with numerous metaphors and sound knowledge of human nature, to exhort her readers to reject sin and Satan, repent, and receive such comforts as having one’s dreams come true by trusting Christ. David’s poetic perspective seems well-positioned to give focus to religious workshops and spiritual study groups.

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