Good Ol’ Chuck
by Ms. Shyanne

"'What will I feed everyone?' he asked himself. 'I know. I can make a friendship stew. I’ll put in a little of everyone’s favorite foods.'"

For a groundhog like Chuck, February 2nd is the biggest day of the year. In anticipation of his big day, Chuck decides to invite all of his friends over and throw a big blowout bash so that he can celebrate Groundhog Day with all of his favorite critters. After securing party supplies and plenty of food for the celebration, Chuck returns and is delighted to see all his friends arrive and have a good time. The only problem is that Chuck parties a little bit too hard, and when it's his time to shine, he accidentally oversleeps and misses the appointment. With everyone waiting on Chuck to deliver his verdict about whether spring will arrive or winter will remain, the clock is ticking against him. Will he make it in time to make his proclamation, or will he let the townspeople down by missing his big moment?

Cute and colorful cartoon characters adorn each page of this story, providing a friendly and inviting world for readers to discover. Chuck's intentions are entirely pure, which offers a welcome surprise as far as the story's message is concerned. Readers expecting a lecture about one thing or another will instead be greeted with a low-stakes story with relatively little conflict. The resulting read is pleasant and enjoyable, light and airy, with plenty of feel-good moments. Chuck teaches young readers about responsibility and priorities while providing memorable scenes and characters to relate these ideas to. With the wealth of books about the other holidays, teachers of young children could easily adapt this book to a celebration of one of the great winter traditions.

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