Guilty of Nothing
by Kevin King
Great Writers Media

"Fear was gripping the city. The police still had no clues who this serial killer was. Women were frightened to be alone. Television warned women to be with two or three other people if at all possible."

This novella-length story follows Bill Eck, who is accused of a string of murders he did not commit. Once a college baseball player, Bill’s life settles into the ordinary after he injures his arm, stops his baseball career to focus on college, and meets the woman he ends up marrying. But the mundanity of his life changes when, at a horse racetrack where he frequently wins bets, killings begin happening. Unbeknownst to him, his reputation for winning may have gotten him on the radar of a serial killer, one who decides to plant evidence on him for revenge.

One night, Bill is called to the racetrack for a meeting but instead is met with blackness when somebody attacks him. When he wakes up, he’s been arrested and labeled a serial killer. With all the evidence pointing toward him, the investigation is considered a closed case. Is there hope of the real killer being found and Bill being freed?

This book is a short and quick read for readers interested in court proceedings. The narrative is characterized by a matter-of-fact rendering of the book’s events. However, the overall effectiveness of the work would have possibly been enhanced if these occurrences had been fleshed out more. Even so, the details that are included for the case and its proceedings are a good example of how the law can be turned upside down and how easily someone’s life can be taken from them when the law ends up hurting the people it is supposed to protect.

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