Harmonious Petals: True Journey of the Soul
by Rose A. Chylek
Dorrance Publishing

"Change must occur to heal each and every one of us and creation itself. Faith must come to help and transform us and the world."

Expressing her views on a wide range of spiritual subjects, author Chylek offers numerous fresh ways to approach life's happenings and renew the reader's sense that one should rejoice in being able to access and appreciate what the Creator has given. Interspersing her narrative with graphic depictions and explanations of such illuminating images as the Hebrew alphabet, she encourages readers to be ruled neither by their physical bodies nor by ever-present limited agendas but by the beatific spirit infused in nature, good deeds, and loving thoughts. She advises that all have the task of building wings of the spirit to soar beyond the bodily existence while warning that people will be "detained at the port of entry" and their wings disabled if they act wrongly. Every aspect of experience—beliefs, trials, marriage, family—offers the opportunity to let the King dwell within, cast off one's physical chains, and see God in all.

Chylek's writings read like a correspondence with other, like-minded aspirants while including the proviso that she does not expect everyone to agree with her. Her belief system encompasses the world's great religions: Old Testament teachings, Christ-centered ideals, recognition of Islam, and Eastern spiritual wisdom. All are based around a solidly monotheistic view. She passionately urges readers to seek harmony, cherish life (even so tiny a life as that of an ant), and seek an end to war and destruction of one another and the planet. She begins many paragraphs with the introductory phrase "My Soulful thought today…," which makes the work come across as a journal created over a period of years. Her book includes many pithy, pertinent metaphors and aphorisms, emphasizing serious attention to spirituality in almost every life situation. Chylek's work could provide a medium for study and discussion among open-minded people of any God-centered faith.

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