Haunting Pasts (An Absolutely Enthralling Mystery)
by Trevor Wiltzen
Trevor Wiltzen Publishing

"These girls need someone to at least ask questions."

Mabel is a mother of two, raising her boys in the Pacific Northwest town of Blue River. She is a shrewd businesswoman who operates the local motel along with a successful diner. She has also gained notoriety for her work as a part-time private investigator. Her most recent work resulted in the imprisonment of a mid-level kingpin operating a narcotics operation that dabbled in human trafficking. However, the drying up of revenue to the town from the drug runner has led to the cold shoulder from the local hoi-polloi. The dismantling of the drug ring has also resulted in the recovery of a handful of missing young women, but there are a couple still unaccounted for. A nagging feeling pulls at Mabel, who decides to dig further into the case. The town of Blue River may not be ready for what she finds.

This novel is the latest absorbing mystery/thriller in the Mabel Davison series from the author. Wiltzen dispenses with the preambles in bringing the drama to the forefront of the story. Mabel is a hero/pariah in her community, beset by domestic unrest and the ups and downs of running a business. Her inquisitive mind refuses to let an unsolved mystery remain as such, especially when a killer may still be on the loose. Wiltzen enlivens his protagonist with genuine humility and a sympathetic nature that render her fascinating. The folksy small-town setting serves to disarm the reader as the tension begins to creep further and further to an intense crescendo. Wiltzen has hit a home run with his latest effort.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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