He Provides Rivers in the Desert Places of My Life
by Janice A. Lee
PageTurner Press and Media

"This book is my testimony of God’s goodness in my life."

Author Lee has turned her life’s events into occasions for guidance, drawing from biblical sources and her personal journals and sharing her Christian convictions with others. Her book is comprised of three sections: “Mercy,” “Grace,” and “Faithfulness.” Each one includes prayers, reflections, and numerous scriptural quotations explored and explained. An example was her determination to understand the meaning of holiness after reading in Hebrews—a biblical book that greatly influenced her thinking—that "without holiness no one will see the Lord.” After consulting various resources, she found a book written in the 1800s that propounded that “holiness is simply becoming one mind with God.” Once, she felt God was asking her to array her credit cards and pray over them when she had become obsessed with her financial situation. Within two months of doing so, her finances began to be resolved in ways she never thought possible. Such incidents have led her further down the path of faith, infusing her with joy, peace, and humility, giving her the determination to teach and share.

Lee, who is originally from Jamaica, has been involved in church work throughout her life, and though her parents were not Christians, she and her sister were overseen, she believes, by angels who helped them attend church and Sunday school. Her debut book is short, sweet, and filled with tough truths that seem to come to her naturally. Her lively examples from sometimes harsh experiences are thought-provoking. Even those familiar with some of the biblical lore presented may find further enlightenment in her unique and well-considered perspective. Her ability to speak to the human condition with compassion shines through her narrative, making this short treatise a worthwhile study medium for committed Christians and those new to the religion seeking practical applications of faith.

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