"Death and the sun are two things we cannot look at with a steady eye."

Combining a genuine appreciation for the nurturing elements of Mother Nature with well-researched and comprehensive information on healthcare, Karan's work consistently advocates for simplistic, holistic living en route to achieving wellness. More than anything else, Karan seeks to educate his readers and an entire society that is consumed by instant gratification in every facet of life, be it in the fast-food industry, technology, etc.

On the surface, the reader may speculate on the text's simplicity. However, the works' ability to cater to everyone and meet people at their own level is precisely what makes it intriguing and meaningful. Specifically, Karan's detailed sections on healthcare for children are eye-opening, especially the portion highlighting the correlation between giving young children antibiotics and childhood obesity. Above all else, though, the author stresses the importance of running and biking, among other activities, to emphasize that all the tools to living our best lives are available within nature.

Karan's efforts examine health and medical care from all angles, including the vitality of the cognitive and psychological element as it pertains to the American Psychological Association and DSM. By integrating useful charts and statistics that provide further transparency and efficacy in the author's observations, the work allows audiences to begin surveying the most minute choices they make with their healthcare. Karan delves into everything from dander and pollen allergies and an over-dependence on medication to the environmental impacts on hormonal balance and overall happiness versus stress on cardiac health. The primary takeaway from Karan's work is unquestionable: if readers seek guidance from nature and apply the baby steps from the text, they will inevitably be on track to rebuild their internal homeostasis and live their lives, outward and inward, in complete synchrony and harmony.

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