Hear the Knock
by Patricia A. David
PageTurner Press and Media

"Standing on God’s promises we can-not fail,
With God within our hearts, no fear in us shall prevail."

In a temporal world that is constantly in motion, yet perhaps headed nowhere, the poet provides an opportunity for readers to be exposed to the Word, the truest way to inner and absolute peace. Centered around trusting the love of Christ and his ultimate sacrifice for mankind, this poetry compilation delves into each person’s preparedness for meeting the moment when the call comes.

More than anything else, the work is a crystal-clear ode to Christ’s love, which teaches the reader how to rid oneself of Satan and sin. The resolve that the Lord has to fill the empty vessel that is a man and make each one whole again is unrivaled. In poems like “Night-time Rest,” David views rest as a moment of solemn clarity, a chance to acknowledge that the world is driven by “Satan’s rules,” even while redemption is not far away.

The work exhibits the poet’s usual lyrical elegance, giving the piece a musical quality while maintaining the ease of flow and readability for a more efficient reader experience. Using this seamless poetic style, David paints a simple picture for readers: right now, in this material world, humanity sees from behind a veil, but as noted in “Life’s Last Bend,” coming face-to-face with the Lord is an inevitability that should be cherished and one that should guide every decision on earth. Similarly, in “Searching Hearts,” David once again juxtaposes the love of Jesus Christ with the devastating void that encompasses the existence of far too many. Above all else, God’s love and faithfulness to mankind are awaiting reciprocation, and through the Word, David provides a pathway to that sweet salvation in a clear and succinct manner.

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